These are just some links to resources that I like and find helpful:

Skyguide App LogoSkyGuide App – This is one of my favorite apps for consulting and entertainment purposes.  In addition to showing what stars and planets are in front of you, it also gives factual details about them.


Pictorial App LogoPictorial App – I talked about this app a little bit in my “Astronomy in Apps” post, but it’s a great example of a simply, addicting game with an astronomical flare.


APOD app logo attempt #2 Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) – I love to learn new things and get accurate images from this app.  It’s anything from constellations, to aurora borealis, to thunderstorms as seen from space.


nasa-logo-meatballNASA’s Official Website – Mostly used for accuracy reasons, but it’s always fun to check in and see what new discoveries NASA has made.


noaalogoNOAA’s Official Website – This website covers more that just the atmosphere above our heads, and provides detailed information about our climate and oceans.